Paulina Porizkova, 56, shows off toned abs in dependable gold bikini: ‘Is that what Sports Illustrated is calling?’

Paulina Porizkova Proving that age is nothing but a number—for him and her Bikini.

The 56-year-old supermodel — who made her career off the latest runway fashion — broke a five-year-old gold swimsuit during her recent vacation. On Tuesday, Porizkova shared a shot of herself posing in a metallic string bikini against an idyllic beach backdrop, to which she added the hashtags #SexyHasNoExpirationDate and #BetweenJLoandBettyWhite in the caption.

“That’s why I put on all my clothes,” said the mother of two. “I always think it’s better a few years down the line. When it’s [no] Long fashionable or worn by all.”

Indeed, Rick Okacek’s widow chose another gold vintage item – a 15 year old dolce & gabbana gown She Said Fans Made Her Like the “Female Oscar” — When She attended the Oscars with new boyfriend Aaron Sorkin in April.

It is unclear whether Sorkin accompanied Porizkova on her beach getaway. Her bikini post marks the first time since Teasing fans on May 24 That she was “taking a special little vacation somewhere special with someone special.”

Her trusty gold bikini, at least, proved to be a huge hit on social media with her friends and followers calling her “stunning” and “super-gorgeous.”

“You are unique!!!!!!” Fellow model Kristen McMenemy made a splash.

“that it is Sports Illustrated Calling?” one commenter quipped Porizkova, who, at age 18, became the first woman in Central Europe to star on the cover of the magazine’s famous swimsuit issue.

“Stunner as always,” read a comment from actress Tarina Patel. “Old is gold they say.”

earlier this year Porizkova spoke to Yahoo Life About “trying to look and appear my age” as an older woman.

“I look like I look my age, so it’s for me to do a provocative shot where you can see the ropes in my neck — which I really like, I think they’re cool — and you My wrinkles are there and often I don’t wear any makeup,” she said. “I’m trying to incorporate the fact that I look 56 with the fact that I can still look good instead of looking younger.”

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