Paulina Porizkova Models Bikini String During Tropical Getaway

Paulina Porizkova is doing her part in reminding the world that women in their fifties are as fabulous and sexy as they are in their twenties. The 56-year-old supermodel has been sharing several swimsuit photos recently, including from her beach vacation this week. “Choosing a vacation: impersonating my best of wooden poles. In a string bikini. It’s probably about five years old, but it’s become a favorite recently. That’s why I hold on to all my clothes, I Always seems like it’s better a few years down the line. When it’s no longer fashionable or worn by everyone,” she captioned the image of herself looking 21 in a skimpy gold bikini. How does she manage to maintain her perfectly toned and chiseled figure in her fifties? Here are all her tips and tricks, including the diet she follows, how often she exercises, and what are her faults.

in an interview with ito, Porizkova admitted that she didn’t find work until later in life. “I started exercising when I was 40. I never did anything before that. Just cigarettes and poor nutrition. I could eat whatever I wanted because I smoked. Cindy [Crawford] There would be sweat and work to be done, and he had a great body that he worked for and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s stupid.’ I had a good time being unwell for a while, but then you pay for it.”


one of the following dancing with the Stars Alumni’s favorite way to burn calories is dance. “I still dance. I’ve done boxing. I’ve done rowing. You name it, I’ve done it. Besides running. I don’t like running. It doesn’t make me feel good. It feels bad for me.” on her knees,” she told Elle. “I would love to do Zumba. And Bollywood dancing is a great way to complete the aerobic part. I do some really hard rowing classes. It’s become something that’s like brushing my teeth. It’s something like which I have to do.”

Mediterranean plate

Mediterranean plate

recently Instagram postIn , Porizkova revealed that she maintains a healthy diet most of the time. “I tend to be pretty hygienic—don’t enjoy processed foods much, but do love variety and love my cakes,” she said.

Pilates Reformer Workout Exercise Female Brunette Gym Indoor

Pilates Reformer Workout Exercise Female Brunette Gym Indoor

Porizkova maintains a moderate exercise regime. She said in her Instagram post, “I do workouts—try at least three times a week—sometimes less, sometimes more. I mostly do Pilates now, with some dancing or biking thrown in for cardio She goes.”

Oscar nominee Aaron Sorkin arrives at the red carpet of the 93rd Oscars® at Union Station on Sunday, April 25, 2021 in Los Angeles, CA.

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Porizkova, seen here with reported boyfriend Aaron Sorkin at the Oscars west wing and director of Chicago Trial 7), explained to Elle that she started exercising to help her panic attacks and to come off antidepressants. “I found out if I worked out every day, my anxiety was kept far away. And I felt better. So how cool is that?”

red wine in a glass next to the bottle

red wine in a glass next to the bottle

Porizkova is not shy about talking about her evils. “I drink wine and cocktails. I smoked until I was forty. (Sorry to say. Of course I quit while pregnant and nursing—but my husband was an unpromising smoker—and fighting about it It was easier to do as they did),” she wrote on Instagram.

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