Pizza Hut will reportedly soon remove 19 items from the menu

pizza Hut Fans are all too familiar with Menu Cut. The chain is changing its menu frequently, bringing back a fan favorite one year and then retiring it the following year. But there are rumors swirling about a much more substantial menu trim coming in the near future.

A Pizza Hut employee took reddit To share last week that 19 items are reportedly leaving the menu, noting that they learned about the cuts from their local branch’s Area Coach, who got in touch with Pizza Hut corporate representatives. It looks like the menu overhaul is aimed at restaurants across the country, though details are still unknown as to which products will be cut.

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Recent removals include popular items and content such as p-zone, Garlic Knots, spinach, and Teriyaki. There were customers and fans who responded to the reddit post Specially nostalgic for pizza hut Garlic Knots, which are currently missing in action after a brief return to the menu in 2019.

Members of the subreddit were divided on which items were most likely to be cut. Some speculated that side dishes would be targeted—items like French Fries and Mozzarella Sticks. On the other hand, others suggested that some, poorly performing entrées might get the axe, such as Pizza Hut. Sandwich Menu or Its Meaty Marinara Pasta Dish.

On the other side of the bookkeeping, Pizza Hut is still less than a year away “Newstalgia” Marketing campaign aimed at bringing back many popular, retired ’90s menu items. Recent “Newstalgia” callbacks include Edge Pizza and, recently, Detroit Style Pizza.

So, while menu cuts may be on the horizon, Pizza Hut fans can also expect a lineup of old favorites to return.

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