Pope temporarily had fever 3 days after intestinal surgery

Vatican says Pope Francis temporarily ran temperature three days after intestinal surgery, but routine tests prove negative

Rome – Pope Francis temporarily developed a fever three days after undergoing intestinal surgery but routine tests proved negative, the Vatican said on Thursday.

The Vatican’s daily update said Francis was constantly eating and moving around without assistance, and had even sent his greetings to young cancer patients at Rome’s Gemelli Hospital.

But spokesman Matteo Bruni said Francis temporarily had a “fever episode” on Wednesday evening.

“He had a routine and microbiological examination this morning, and had chest and abdominal scans, which proved negative,” the statement said.

Francis had half his colon removed on Sunday because of what the Vatican says was a “severe” narrowing of the large intestine.

The original Italian version of the Vatican’s statement referred to a “fever episode”, while the English translation stated that Francis “runs a temporarily high temperature.” A Vatican spokesman said Italian is the exact, official version.

The statement said Francis’ recovery is continuing as planned and “at this special moment, he looks to all those who are suffering, expressing his closeness to the sick, especially those who need care.” is needed the most.”

Francis underwent a planned three-hour surgery on Sunday. The Vatican is expected to stay at Rome’s Gemelli Polyclinic, which has a special suite reserved for the pope, assuming there are no complications, the Vatican has said.


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