Raven-Symoné Says This Exact Diet Helped Her Lose 30 Pounds

raven-simoni have recently sheds a staggering 30 pounds, and now, she’s sharing her secrets of weight loss success with the world.

in a new interview with good Morning AmericaRaven-Symoné reveals that it is her eating habits that have helped her change.

“I exercise very little,” admits the star.

However, he has made some major changes in his diet. “I am low carb As much as I can be,” she says.

Apart from reducing his carbohydrate intake, the actor says that intermittent fasting It has become an essential part of his daily routine.

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“I’m a fast fast. I make sure I fast for at least 14 hours between dinner and breakfast,” she explains.

At the time of the interview, Tara was participating in a three-day fast, revealing that “lots of water,” electrolyte supplementation, and bone broth were key to making her fasting periods bearable. “I have a goal in mind, so that’s what keeps me going,” says East. girl as fast as a cheetah Star.

Raven-Symoné with blonde hair on the red carpet

While Raven-Symoné previously lost 70 pounds in 2011, she says the emotional impact of the change made her weight loss untenable.

“When I was older the way people treated me was emotionally hurtful,” she says.

“Every time I’ve lost weight in the past, it was about size,” she explains. However, this time, Starr says, “I’m not trying to be a little twig here.”

Instead, her new goal is a long-term strategy she can stick to. “I want to make sure my body is healthy and ready to deal with old age,” she explains.

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