Red Cross warns that cases of coronovirus are spreading in Asia

The International Federation of Red Cross says that over the past two weeks, more than 5.9 million new confirmed infections in Asia have been reported with coronovirus cases.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Coronavirus cases have been increasing in Asia and the Pacific, with more than 5.9 million new confirmed infections in the past two weeks, compared to all other regions combined, the International Federation of the Red Cross said on Wednesday.

It stated that Oxford University’s data in our world reported more than 5.9 million new COVID-19 infections in Asia and the Pacific over the course of two weeks. Official figures are widely believed to be low for most of the region.

“COVID-19 is spreading across Asia, overshadowing hospitals and health services. Alexander Matheau, director of the Red Cross Asia Pacific, said that more people have been diagnosed with the disease in Asia in the last two weeks than in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Vaccination operations are underway in the region, with the Red Cross stating that they are hampered by scarcity, hesitation and the expensive logistics of arriving in many areas throughout the region.

“To get this epidemic under control, we need more global cooperation to get life resources, medical equipment, vaccines and money where people at risk need the most help. We are safe only when everyone is safe, ”it said.


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