Report: U of Michigan misses opportunities to prevent doctor abuse

One report stated that University of Michigan employees missed several opportunities to stop a doctor who had sexually abused them for decades in school

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – University of Michigan employees missed several opportunities to detain a doctor who sexually abused them at school for decades, a law firm reported on Tuesday.

The long-awaited report by the Wilmerhell firm, which was hired by the university, comes more than a year after alumni accused the late Robert Anderson of molesting them during regular physical or other visits Was. Some university officials did not take any action despite being aware of the complaints.

The report confirmed this, most notably in the athletic department.

The report states that “the fact that no one has taken meaningful action is particularly troubling in light of the nature, scope and duration of Dr. Anderson’s misconduct.”

The university acknowledged Anderson’s misconduct, but turned to the law firm for an independent, comprehensive review of what happened during the doctor’s long career. He died in 2008.

“The medical experts we consulted reveal how many patients were in doubt: Dr. Anderson’s conduct did not conform to any recognized standard and, conversely, was highly inappropriate,” the report states. accordingly.


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