Report: Women vaccinate out of tent to protest

A Tennessee woman has been charged with reckless endangerment for driving through a COVID-19 vaccine distribution tent as a protest, a police report says

Maryville, Tenn. – A Tennessee woman has been charged with driving through a COVID-19 vaccine delivery tent, according to a police report, which alleges gross reckless endangerment in seven cases.

According to news outlets, 36-year-old Virginia Christine Lewis Brown was spotted by a Blount County deputy driving through tents at a vaccine delivery event at Foothills Mall in Maryville on Monday, after which an incident report was cited.

The deputy wrote in the report, “I had several victims tell me that she almost hit them as she ran away from the tents at a high speed.” “I was advised that they were within inches and feet of the vehicle through the tents. Several victims said they felt the driver was going to kill them.

The report states that after Brown was stopped by the deputy, she told him that she had gone to the site to oppose the vaccine and was only traveling at 5 mph.

It was not immediately clear whether Brown had a lawyer.


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