Robinson runs for 216 yards, 2 TD as Texas beats TCU 32-27. Defeated

Bijan Robinson ran a career-high 216 yards with two go-forward touchdowns as Texas beat TCU 32-27

FORT WORTH, Texas — Bijon Robinson ran a career-high 216 yards with two go-forward touchdowns and Texas won 32-27 at TCU in the Longhorns’ first Big 12 road game on Saturday in the Southeastern Conference. was accepting an invitation to attend. .

Casey Thompson improved 3-0 as starting quarterback for the Longhorns, without even finding the end zone at the same blistering pace as his first two starts. He was passing 12-in-22 for 142 yards with one touchdown and one interception while under constant pressure and plagued by multiple drops.

TCU (2-2, 0-1) had three turnovers, which matched their total for the first three games, although Longhorns converted them into only three field goals by Cameron Dicker.

The Longhorns (4-1, 2-0) have won their last three games since losing to former Southwest Conference rivals Arkansas in Week 2. Texas will join the Razorbacks in the SEC after the 2025 season.

Zach Evans, who had entered the game as the Big 12’s top rusher just before Robinson, was 113 yards away with a 12-yard TD after JD Spielman’s 87-yard kickoff return. Spielman later had an 11-yard TD catch.

Texas proceeded to stop when Robinson operated from 4 yards and made it 23-17 with four minutes remaining in the first half. It came in his 16th innings of 35, when he had already reached 100 yards for the seventh time in his last nine matches.

Robinson’s 27-yard TD run between defenders in the first quarter gave Texas a 10-7 first lead. When, after a review initiated by Booth, safety TJ Carter was dropped for a targeting penalty, the 99-yard drive for the hit was extended to the third-placed Longhorn from the hands of intended receiver Jordan Whittington. Dropped down to 7.


Texas: Longhorn had 15 TDs on 17 drives in two of Thompson’s starts, with only one drive Texas didn’t score after his two interceptions. Dicker, who had not attempted a field goal since the second quarter of the Arkansas game, scored four field goals (38, 38, 26 and 28 yards) for a career. Whittington had a 32-yard TD catch.

TCU: Darius Davis fumbled twice in the first half, the receiver mishandled the back end of the double handoff and later muffed a punt inside 10. Max Dugan stumbled after an indiscriminate sack by Anthony Cooke, who then corrected the rumble. Duggan, who won his first two starts against Texas, clocked 28 of 20 for 182 yards, and had 33 rushing yards on 16 carries.

election effect

After being the first team to drop out last week, Texas is likely to be back in the top 25 when new polls come out on Sunday. The Longhorns were preseason number 21, and then placed 15th before a 40-21 loss to Anarkansas.


Texas: The Longhorns will be at the Texas State Fair next Saturday about 40 miles east for their annual Red River rivalry game against sixth-placed Oklahoma.

TCU: Horned Frogs play their first road game at Texas Tech next Saturday night.


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