Sadie Robertson explained how ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and pregnancy affected her body image

Sadie Robertson gets candid about her body changes during “Dancing with the Stars.” (Photo: Getty Images)

Sadie Robertson Dive deep into your body image issues in the latest case Of her podcast Wow that is nice Where she speaks of having difficulty keeping pace with how to change her figure in different seasons of her life.

23 years old duck Dynasty The star has been open about issues with her self-image in the past, revealing in previous episodes that she was struggling with a eating disorder As a result of a toxic relationship when she was younger. But after hitting the headlines and challenging her body in different ways, Robertson says it’s hard to keep pace with the rapid change.

“When I was on dancing with the Stars I just wasn’t ready for how hard and crazy it is physically,” she said while chatting with dancer Lindsay Arnold. “You get in good shape really fast. I’ve never had a six-pack, probably never in my life again, but hey, I was rocking it on national TV and it’s great. But it was such a rapid body change and then after the show it seems, now I don’t dance all the time so my body changed. And now being pregnant, I have experienced another very rapid body change. “

The first-time mother, who gave birth to a baby girl named Honey on May 11, documented her growing baby bump on social media and shared how it feels to grow up with her child.

Along with a collage of pictures she captioned, “I hope I always see development, no matter how uncomfortable it is… as a very good thing. Because it is.”

However, during all those changes, Robertson stated that the most important thing she could focus on was her body’s ability rather than her appearance.

On the podcast she said, “It’s scary to look at something and it can seem discouraging when you don’t look like something.” “But it’s exhilarating and empowering when it’s like, it’s not about the way you look, it’s about the way you feel. It’s about what you’re capable of, you in the world.” What are bringing, whether it’s a baby in life or just to be able to bring healthy bones to people when they’re hurting or whenever they need a hug. Those things really Are powerful. “

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