Shark! Dyson! I Robot! These 4th of July vacuum sales are still going on — and prices are only $33. starts with

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Whether you want to lie down and let the robot handle it or stay upright, here’s a deal for you. (Photo: Amazon)

If your vacuum is wheezing and wheezing every time you turn it on, it may be trying to tell you something: replace me! These days, vacuums are no longer crappy, hulking machines that have to be carried from room to room—now they’re lighter, glide on the floor, and are probably smarter than us. They also aren’t as much of an investment as they once were—in fact, nowadays you can find an excellent sucker for a price that’s beyond reasonable and on the verge of dread.

Especially right now: There’s really no shortage of great deals on great vacancies on the 4th of July. From robovacs to sticks and uprights, there are so many great options out there at prices that seem almost too good to be true. Of course, the best deals of the bunch are sure to go by quickly, so be sure to move fast and take advantage of your dreams ASAP.

Here are the best of July 4th vacuum sales.

i robot

It's okay to sit on its lap.... It'll be ready for another house-wide patrol in no time.  (Photo: Amazon)

it’s okay to sit on its lap….it will be ready for another domestic patrol in no time. (Photo: Amazon)

Dreaming of a world where you’re constantly monitored for dust, dirt, and pet hair without lifting a finger? Well, your dream has come true! this iRobot Roomba Map your location, plus it’s smart enough to stay off stairs, furniture, toys, and your pet’s precious food bowl. Plus, when it takes all the crud out from behind your couch, it goes back to your dock to clean itself up. In short, you won’t have to think about vacuuming for months at a time.

“This thing is a monster,” Satisfied customers say. “The design of the roller and brush is smart and means less hair wrapped in a Gordian knot around the rollers. And the automatic emptying feature works like a charm. It spans nearly 22,000 square feet in two weeks of use. Has happened.

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This coveted vac will clean up the bad neighborhood that is your schlocky floor.  (Photo: Dyson)

This coveted vac will clean up the bad neighborhood that is your schlocky floor. (Photo: Dyson)

The Dyson is like the Maserati of vacuums—it’s stylish, sleek, and oh-so-powerful. Cord-free, this powerhouse (in fun fuchsia!) has up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction. A direct-drive cleaner head bristles deep into the carpet to remove even the toughest caked-on dirt.

“At this point accustomed to vacuuming,” said one fan. “We vacuum more often because it’s lighter and it’s so easy to hold and clean. I’m also cleaning my car at least once a month. And cleaning the filter is as easy as the rinse And go. I’ve done my couch, mattress and vacuum. I just keep going. I work and don’t have much time but it makes life easier and more enjoyable. My kids don’t fight when I tell them As household chores – they all compete to do this work and not the others…”

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With this ferocious, greedy beast, every week is Shark Week.  (Photo: Amazon)

With this ferocious, greedy beast, every week is Shark Week. (Photo: Amazon)

Whether your home is mostly carpeted, bare wood or a mix of the two, this vacuum can handle it. It intelligently maps your home, plus it’s controlled by a smart app. It’s also a no-go at detecting pet hair and other debris – just watch it go by!

And don’t let the ‘upgraded’ tag fool you. Amazon has rigorously and professionally inspected, tested and cleaned all of its refurbished products, so they will work and look like they were fresh from the factory. And know this: Amazon Renewed products are backed with a 90-day guarantee that the retail giant will replace the item or fully refund your purchase if you’re not satisfied with it.

“I can’t say enough about this vacuum!” A shopkeeper shared. “I love it! I have terrible asthma, and vacuuming with a traditional bag-less has always triggered my problem again. Don’t even get me started on emptying the trash! This vacuum is a life saver , Really!

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Whether you're plagued by cat hair, dog dander or dust bunnies, this Bissell will wipe out the entire menagerie.  (Photo: Walmart)

Whether you’re plagued by cat dander, dog dander or dust bunnies, this Bissell will totally wipe out the menagerie. (Photo: Walmart)

If your pet leaves so much fur on the ground that you’re surprised they have some left over, listen up: this bissell powerlifter is for you. It’s designed to suck up all kinds of hair, dander, dirt, and whatever else the cat pulls up. Plus, it is designed with a special brush-roll mechanism that eliminates all tangles. An added bonus: It has LED lights on the front, so you can head home to any areas you may have missed.

“Absolutely love it!” One shopper declared “LED lights on the front make it easy to see, easy to clean. The lift-away is amazing. I absolutely love this vacuum. It looks good, some vacuums look too bulky but it’s just a nice clean.” Looks. Would recommend to anyone!”

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You'll be Euf-oric about the way this vacancy does all the hard work for you.  (Photo: Amazon)

You’ll be Euf-oric about the way this blank does all the hard work for you. (Photo: Amazon)

Here’s a myth that needs to be debunked: Great robot vacuums don’t have to be expensive. eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Currently on sale for a ridiculous $168, down from $220 with on-page coupon. More than this remote-controlled model 32,000 Five star reviews, and for good reason. It sucks up any and all nasties from both wood floors and carpets and has an infrared sensor to avoid potential accidents and bumps. And it will also cover the distance while cleaning up to 100 minutes on a single charge.

“My biggest concern was the amount of hair that my Husky constantly sheds on a daily basis,” Shared a shopper. “I was so worried that this little vacuum wouldn’t make a difference but I was totally wrong, it’s ready to go after going to work and then to bed again. The amount of hair on this thing is insane “

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