Shoppers say this supermarket chain has the best deals on groceries

From heavy spender till penny pinchersA great deal is an offer that most of us cannot refuse. In the battle for the best deals, one grocery store took its place at the top. The start of the pandemic has left a large number of Americans spending less and saving more. Between cutting coupons, catching a good sale, or buying a generic brand, it’s no secret that shoppers want to get the biggest bang for their money.

a report More than 58,000 people in 24 countries were asked about their grocery shopping habits, released by data science company Dunhamby in late September. Of all the major supermarkets, survey respondents named America’s largest retail chain—which also has more. 5,100 places Outside the US- As the store offering the best deals.

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Walmart says that about 30% offers the best value among grocery stores. The low-cost chain is well behind ALDI, with 12% of the “best value” votes. The tailing ALDI is Kroger at 7% and target at 6%. Interestingly enough, the report states that Amazon, which is currently rapidly expanding its brick and mortar grocery stores, “Walked out of the top five stores for value and landed with 4%.”

In the survey analysis, Grant Steadman, president of North America at Dunhamby, notes the importance of grocery stores customers can rely on to score good deals in a post-pandemic world: “retailers who need more value to offer. As perceived, and respond to the increasing need for their customers, they will earn the loyalty of the new customers they acquired during the early stages of the pandemic.”

As Americans slowly return to the grocery aisles, there is competition for the best grocery deals, but here’s how: Wherever you shop, you can save.

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