Stock up on KN95s: These FDA-approved masks are less than $ 1.50 per pop on Amazon

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These high-quality masks are currently only $ 2.50. (Photo: Amazon)

Masks are as important as ever to prevent the spread of coronaviruses. But it is difficult to know which masks are most effective.

We are not talking about cute clothes masks Adorned with your favorite band name. We are talking KN95 mask-The CDC specifically recommends you wear high-risk conditions (eg, on public transport) to protect against possible transmission. Powecom is one of the only KN95 mask brands recommended by the FDA, And they are on sale for 10 for $ 15 (was $ 19) on Amazon.

And if you have Amazon prime, You will get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? There is no problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial Here. (And by the way, people with no prime still get free shipping on orders of $ 25 or more.)

Buy it: Powecom KN95 mask (10-pack), $ 15 (was $ 19), Amazon.Com

“N95s?” you ask. Close, but not at all. N-95 masks are at the next level from KN95, but they should still be reserved for health workers. So buying KN95 masks is a sensible move.

Does the brand matter? Yes, according to the FDA, it does. Read more about it below.

Understanding the N95 / KN95 connection

A face mask that is both comfortable and FDA approved.  (Photo: Amazon)

A face mask that is both comfortable and FDA approved. (Photo: Amazon)

KN95 masks are similar to N-95 masks, Dr. William Scheffner, infectious disease specialist and professor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, tells Yahoo Life. In fact, in the early days of the epidemic when medical-grade masks were in particularly short supply, the FDA provided what is known as the ‘Emergency Use Authority’. KN95 mask– This means that they can be used in hospitals.

But not all brands of KN95 masks are created equal. Recently, after researching the effectiveness, the FDA Removed your emergency use authority For many manufacturers of KN95 masks. Powecomm Mask has made it through tests. They are approved by the FDA and are officially included FDA Emergency Use Authority List. Like the others on the list, the Powecom KN95 mask has been confirmed to filter 95 percent or more of the particles.

Buy it: Powecom KN95 mask (10-pack), $ 15 (was $ 19), Amazon.Com

Not sure where to look? “If your source for the KN95 mask is reliable, you should be fine,” explains Dr. Scheffner. They say, “The N95s we use are nicer than the masks.”

“Core difference [between N95 and KN95 masks] The regulator is, “says Dr. Kavita Patel, managing director of clinical change at the Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform of the Brookings Institution.”KN 95 mask Are approved by Chinese regulators, and in principle they are similar to the N95 masks, which have been approved by the FDA — but are also likely to be manufactured in China. “

Do you need to wear a Powecom KN95 mask all the time?

Powecom KN95 masks are available right now, so scoop them up.  (Photo: Amazon)

Powecom KN95 masks are available right now, so scoop them up. (Photo: Amazon)

Our experts tell Yahoo Life that Three-Ply Disposable Mask Or cloth masks should work when you are at least six feet away from others. But KN95 masks by Powecom provide more protection and are protective in risky situations – for example, if you’re flying, or taking a bus or train.

These masks have a three-dimensional design that makes it easier to breathe if you need to keep your mask for longer. Made of soft cotton, the mask has elastic ear loops and a metal piece to fit on the nose.

Keep in mind that wearing a mask does not mean that you should stop practicing known methods of preventing the spread of COVID-19. Social distance and frequent, well-hand washing are important. Dr. Schaffner explains, “We do these things together, not separate.”

KN95 mask Those approved with the FDA’s Emergency Use Authority are actually difficult to find these days. So stay tuned with best practices — and save some Powecom KN95 Mask For high risk settings. You will take great care of yourself and others.

Buy it: Powecom KN95 mask (10-pack), $ 15 (was $ 19), Amazon.Com

Amazon buyers also like them

Score one set for just $ 15.  (Photo: Amazon)

Score one set for only $ 15. (Photo: Amazon)

The mask has received more than 12,8000 five-star reviews from Amazon shoppers.

A hardworking shopkeeper Individually examined the efficacy of the mask, writing:

“These masks passed all three tests for effectiveness. I tested the water, and it didn’t leak. I tested the candle, and I couldn’t blow the flame. In the end, I did the lighting test. I conducted the light. As long as the mask, and the mask was the same thickness, not smear. According to the CDC, if a mask passes these tests, it is effective. I also think the mask has a good seal around its edges. It is N95. More comfortable than. I can wear this mask at work all day. “

Shared another: “I was in a car with someone I didn’t know was COVID positive for 3 hours (family emergency) at the time,” she writes. “I wore this mask and he wore a distinctive, thin blue mask. He was exposed a few days ago and tested positive a few days later. All my tests have been negative.”

Even teachers swear by him:

“Once we became a COVID hot zone, I got these for my job as a teacher,” Shared one. “These are virtually the only masks that do not fall down when I speak or suppress my voice.”

Buy it: Powecom KN95 mask (10-pack), $ 15 (was $ 19), Amazon.Com

Want to check your options? Here are other excellent KN95 masks available on Amazon:

Supplied KN95 Mask, 5-Pack (Photo: Amazon)

Supplied KN95 Mask, 5-Pack (Photo: Amazon)

These three-dimensional versions are thick and durable, and you get five for only $ 17.

“I feel so much safer with a basic cloth face mask,” A shopkeeper says. “My intended purpose was to wear these exclusively when I went grocery shopping and ran other errands where I knew I would be close to other people, but I have found myself wearing it wherever I go. Pleased with the purchase. “

Buy it: Supplied KN95 Mask, 5-Pack, $ 13 ($ 1 Th.)7), Amazon.Com

N95 Mask Company KN95 Face Mask, 50-Pack (Photo: N95 Mask Company)

N95 Mask Company KN95 Face Mask, 50-Pack (Photo: N95 Mask Company)

Want to buy in bulk and eliminate the stress of stocking? This 50-pack is for you. Each mask has a huge breathing area, a metal nose bridge for a snug fit, and folds for easy storage.

“Masks tested in heavy smoke from CA fires – they don’t let any smoke smell, which is a great test, because smoke is the smallest particle and only N95 works for it. Also, they allow easy breathing, ”says a satisfied buyer.

Buy it: N95 Mask Company KN95 Face Mask, 50-Pack, $ 130 (was $ 150),

The reviews quoted above reflect the latest editions at the time of publication.

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