Sydney Sweeney becomes clear about self-confidence, body image: ‘Sometimes I am not happy with myself’

Sydney Sweeney on maintaining health and wealth. (Photo: Getty Images; Design by Quinn Lemmers)

The unwind Yahoo Life has a wellness series in which experts, influencers and celebrities share their vision for wellness and mental healthFrom self-care rituals to establishing healthy mantras that sustain them.

Sidney Sweeney Is just 23 years old, but in his journey to make it to Hollywood, The excitement The actress has learned a lot about the importance of self care and has implemented both rules and rituals to put her best self forward. She also tells Yahoo Life that there has been a large share of finance.

“My family always has the importance of budget and money in my mind. And I grew up with my family on a small budget,” says Sweeney. “I still believe in all of that and I still practice and follow my mother’s very rigid rules.”

The actress says that this is the very reason she has recently partnered with BIC For the Value for Money campaign where he had the opportunity to explore the special benefits of affordable and quality products such as BIC razors – something that is a part of his self-care routine – while encouraging people to understand the importance of savings Does.

How do you perceive finance as an integral part of maintaining your mental health?

I grew up in a family that when we moved to Los Angeles, the prices were so different from where I grew up in Spokane, Wash. And it was financially very difficult for my parents that I had to file for bankruptcy. Was a teenager. So I looked at what money can do to families and how it can tear them down. And when you do not save correctly and you do not spend your money on important things, where it is to be spent, what can be the loss. So always in my mind, I was like I was never going to be like this. And so I have been very conscious about my money and how I spend it and what I do with it and I will maintain hope for the rest of my life because I think a lot of people forget this That yes, acting and entertainment and Hollywood are very glamorous, but it’s also a business, and if you don’t run the business properly or smartly, you’ll lose your way.

What does self care mean to you?

I think that self-care is a daily process. I think you can be fine one day and it is totally fine if you are not the next because I think you have to start anew every day and you have to try to appreciate and love yourself every day, Which can sometimes be difficult. Take it one step at a time and do your best and make sure that you love yourself. Your body does a lot for you, and I think many times people forget how hard it is. And so while taking care of yourself, the way you groom yourself is the best, I think that is important.

What does your self-care routine look like?

I have tried to get into yoga, but my mind is too runny so I have not been able to get there yet. I like HGTV very much, I live on HGTV. And I try to bathe and I like candles and light candles, and I actually use BIC lighters as well, which is fun because they have all the colors. So I’m really hanging out with candles, HGTV and my dog.

How has your journey of confidence been?

I think it is similar to self-care, it is a daily process. Some days I’ll feel great and some days I don’t want to get out of bed and I think it’s okay if you feel both ways. It is definitely hard because I know that I am a role model and I want to show that I am confident and I am also a real person. And sometimes I am not happy with myself or nothing seems right. I think it’s important for everyone to know that everyone is a real person and everybody has feelings and it’s okay if you don’t feel confident one day, but just know that you are beautiful, no matter what. Does not matter.

What is the effect of your being in the public eye? body imageThe

It is your body and some people are watching it, but at the same time, something that I really started to tell myself is that I am a body for the rest of my life. And it does a lot for me and I need to appreciate it and I need to love it because I’m not going to get another one. So I just love myself more and thank my body for everything. And sure, more people than myself get to see this in my profession. And I hope that the love I have for my body and the thanks I give to myself inspires other people to like me, I need to approach myself that way too, because I It seems that loving yourself is number one first because you can really love anyone else.

Why is it so important for you to inspire others with your positivity?

I want to make sure that I am who I want me to be when I was younger. This is something that I have always kept in my mind. If I was 13 or 16 years old or older myself, would I have been what I wanted? So i like different things social media. I mean, this is an up and down journey.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

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