Taiwanese leaders want to rely on new virus cases

The President of Taiwan has sought to reassure the public that the government is able to understand the further outbreak of COVID-19 after six local cases are detected.

TAIPEI, Taiwan – The President of Taiwan on Wednesday sought to reassure the public that the government was able to withstand another outbreak of COVID-19 after six local cases were detected.

The exact origin of the cases has not yet been ascertained.

“The challenge is still serious at the moment. Please be vigilant and follow the guidelines, “President Tai Yin-wen said in a televised comment. He called on people to panic.

Speaking in the Legislature on Wednesday, Health and Welfare Minister Chen Shih-chung said the latest outbreak was “a joke.”

The island stepped up its emergency preparedness on Tuesday, banning indoor programs and more than 500 outdoor events with more than 100 people by the beginning of June.

Five cases were reported at a gaming cafe in Yilan County on the east coast of Taiwan. Another was found in the city of New Taipei outside the capital. In any case there was no history of international travel. Health officials are doing contact tracing to find out the source of the infection.

A seventh infected person was already in quarantine and in recent weeks had been in contact with a cluster involving pilots working for Taiwan’s China Airlines. More than 30 cases have been identified.


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