Technical verifications show big jump in bets as football starts

A company that most of the legit US sports betting industry uses to verify that its clients are where they say they are and reports a record number of transactions over the first weekend of the NFL season.

Atlantic City, NJ – A company used by most of the legal US sports betting industry to verify that its clients are where they say they are and reports a record number of transactions over the first weekend of the NFL season.

Canada-based tech company, Vancouver, GeoComplete Solutions said Monday it recorded 58.2 million geolocation transactions in 18 states and Washington, D.C. from Thursday night, when the NFL season began, through Sunday at 7 p.m. EST.

This represents an increase of 126% from the same period in the 2020 NFL season, when GeoComply processed 25.8 million transactions.

Lindsey Slader, managing director of Geocompli, said, “We expected higher volumes, but what we have seen has surprised us. The level of demand in new markets such as Arizona indicates that consumers have longed for alternatives. Have waited to legally place a sports bet.”

The data records the number of times the company was called to verify the location of the customer. This is considered a good indicator for at least the minimum level of sports betting activity, of which over 80% is done online in the US.

States require a gambler to be physically located within their borders in order to bet an online game, which is where geolocation technology comes in. It uses a combination of cell phone data, software, hardware and databases to try to bet where the phone or laptop is actually located.

While it is true that customers can log in and verify their location without actually placing a bet, many gamblers also place multiple bets after a single log-in.

In just three years, legal sports betting has spread to more than half the country. New Jersey won the US Supreme Court case in 2018, paving the way for any state to adopt legal sports betting.

When Thursday night’s game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys began, 26 states and Washington, DC offered legal sports betting, according to the American Gaming Association, the gambling industry’s national trade group. But not all of them offer online sports betting.

GeoComply says it saw the most activity in New Jersey; Pennsylvania; Michigan, Arizona and Illinois.

Arizona, which launched its sports betting on Thursday, has seen more than 6.1 million geolocation transactions from more than 271,000 newly created accounts, the company said on Monday.

“Arizona, in its first day on Thursday, had more online bets in the FanDuel sportsbook than mature states such as Michigan, Colorado and Tennessee,” said spokesman Kevin Hennessy.


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