Tessa Thompson’s PDA Competition is celebrated as a powerful expression of sexuality

Social media is best discussed about Tessa Thompson’s PDA celebration. (Photo: Reuters / Mario Anjuni)

Tessa thompson Enjoyed PDA-Spree first with rumored duo Rita Ora and Taika Vetti, then with model Zac Steinmark. Now social media is celebrating Thompson’s powerful expression of sexuality – and receiving education on “Thruples,” aka Three-Way Relationships.

In photos published by daily Mail, Were Creed Actress, 37, singer Ora, 30, and Jojo Rabbit The film director, 45, kissed over drinks in Sydney, Australia. (Ora and Vetti are Reportedly dating Thompson stars in April, and upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, Directed by Waititi) in separate photographs -. And the 29-year-old model kiss was conceived – and dressed alike.

A bold display of affection prevailed on social media. “Live your life Tessa” someone wrote on just Jared The Instagram post, along with other comments, “That hot girl is embracing summer! Let her be!” “You Get It Girl” and “Go Hard or Go Home.” And the response surprised others who wrote, “Honestly these comments are inspiring !!!!!” And “Zero Slut Shaming to Be Find.”

Reaction does not surprise Amy C. Moores, An sexuality scholar and assistant professor of psychology at Chapman University. Her 2016 Study It was found that 20 percent of people at some point in their lives engaged in a consensual non-monogamous relationship, regardless of age, education level, income, religion, region, political affiliation, or race, with only the prophet sex and sexual orientation Were with – Men were more likely to participate than women, as well as those identified as LGBT.

A separate paper co-authored by Moores and published in Journal of Sex Research Analyzed Google trends over a 10-year period and searched for “polyandry” (including emotional and / or sexual relationships with others) between couples and “open relationships” (sexual relationships that are not necessarily romantic) Found a “significant” increase in or emotional). Research has not indicated who has experimented with specific sexual activities, but has indicated a general interest in subjects.

Nevertheless, sexuality is a deemed subject. “This is due to a hierarchy in academia that puts it at the bottom Unless related to reproduction or sexual health, “Moores tells Yahoo Life.” The study of happiness, no matter among many, gets marginalized and stigmatized. “

However, celebrities are increasingly speaking out about their diverse sexual interests. In an episode of Red table talk, Willow smith Recently revealed that she is polygamous. “With polygamy, I think the main premise is the freedom to be able to create a relationship style that works for you and not just step into monotony because all the people around you say it’s the right thing to do , “20 years -Old explained to mother Jada Pinkett Smith and grandmother Adrien Banfield-Norris.

Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie And Cameron Diez All have doubted the principles of a marriage. And the support of non-traditional couples received legislative support in Somerville, Mass., Which last year a. Was introduced Domestic partnership ordinance Which expanded the definition of domestic partnership to include relationships between three or more adults.

Exposure is good for researchers such as Moores, who say that non-monogamous couples typically develop healthy relationship habits that are similar to, or even better than, traditional couples. “Consensual non-monogamous couples do not have a [relationship] The blueprint so that they have to talk explicitly about what makes them comfortable and valuable, “Moores tells Yahoo Life.” By studying these couples, we can also learn that couples in a monogamous relationship positively How to impress. ”

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