The Best Tasting Protein Bars, According to an Expert

There’s nothing worse than a lack of energy or worse, feeling hungry during a long walk or bike ride. Snack or energy bars have managed to occupy a significant portion of grocery shelves and aisles of places like REI. In the past, PowerBars and Clif Bars mostly promised nutrition over flavor, but a new wave of wrapped treats promise deliciousness, real ingredients you might recognize, and even more for good reason. can also support for (such as It delivers PB&J, which donates one child food for each bar sold). Eater tried more than 30 of the most popular snack bars, ranging from rebellious and chalky to downright delicious, and picked five of the best to take to your next camping trip or wilderness adventure.

Clif Nut Butter Bar with Coconut and Almond Butter

The package of this delicious, almond butter-filled treat is small enough, but the innovative bundle of dried coconut on the outside with creamy almond butter made this a fabulous bar that tastes like it was baked in a local specialty bakeshop.

Bobo’s Apple Pie Oat Bar

This bar has a crumbly consistency that holds up nicely thanks to a high fat content. The protein level is tepid, but it actually tastes like freshly baked cinnamon apple pie.

Pro Bar Meal-on-the-Go Banana Nut Bread

It has astonishing natural banana flavor, as if it was picked at peak ripeness and melted with nuts for a satisfyingly crunchy bar. The bar has nine grams of protein and 390 calories, so it’s more than enough to satiate hunger pangs.

Power Crunch Triple Chocolate Protein Energy Bar

Chocolate lovers will really enjoy this layered wafer bar, which has a delicate, crisp texture and high protein factor. Of all the high-protein bars (some with usually over 10 grams of protein), this was the tastiest, and contains 13 grams of protein per bar.

Patagonia Provisions Organic Apricot Almond Bur

Dried fruits are a common ingredient in these bars, with dates often serving as the primary. This bar uses a natural-flavored dried apricots as the base, which is enhanced with almonds, baobab (an African dried fruit), and crunchy chia seeds.

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