The James Beard Awards Will Fully Be Back in 2022

After taking a two-year break from awarding, the James Beard Foundation announced That the “next evolution” of the James Beard Awards will take place in 2022. The 2022 James Beard Awards will mark a change in policy and process in light of the audit that began in August 2020 and is due to be completed this summer. According to the announcement, the awards audit focused on “developing a code of ethics, the composition of committees and judges, criteria for winners, and policies and procedures for unforeseen events”, which aims to “ensure a more transparent and equitable process”. is. Future.”

The James Beard Foundation has essentially canceled its 2020 awards, citing difficulties related to the pandemic in the US restaurant industry. The cancellation happened as a kind of slow train crisis: After revealing List of Finalists in May Then committing to a virtual ceremony later that year, the foundation announced August 2020 that it will not award in 2020 or 2021. The next day, Eater reported that the foundation had quietly added a note to its list of 2020 nominees: some had withdrawn. Within one week of the cancellation announcement, new York Times reported that it was not just the pandemic that prompted the foundation to cancel the virtual event. Two additional factors were at play: 1) the Foundation had learned that there was no black winner and 2) as the workers spent the summer expose abusive terms In restaurants across the country, the foundation could not figure out how to account for all the charges being leveled against the current nominees. Some members of JBFA voting committees told members times And Eater That Finally, Deciding Around the 2020 Awards lack of transparency best, or tried to change the result – Compromising the integrity of the awards – in a worst case scenario.

Instead, the Beard Foundation canceled its usual awards and Hosted an online ceremony via Twitter in September 2020, which honored the nominees (whose names remained on the list), America’s Classics winners, and announced winners in categories such as First Leadership and Lifetime Achievement. A planned 2021 ceremony will not be the James Beard Awards as they are traditionally known, but appears to be similar to the 2020 edition: “a celebration of the independent restaurant community, honoring those who made a significant impact on the industry and their communities.” During this crisis.” More details about the 2021 event to come in the coming weeks; as of now, the foundation is only focusing on whether it will have both virtual and in-person elements.

Disclosure: Some Vox Media staff members are part of the voting body for the James Beard Awards.

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