The Surgeon General just issued this “curveball” warning

Health experts believe there’s only one way to stop it coronavirus The pandemic is about to get more people vaccinated, with President Joe Biden announcing a six-point plan last week, including a vaccine mandate for many American workers. How does it affect you? Country’s Surgeon General Dr Vivek Murthy appeared on CNN state of the Union This morning to discuss why these mandates are necessary to save your life, and how you can stay safe. Read on—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t forget to check out these Sure Signs You’ve Already Had COVID.


The surgeon general warned that the delta is dangerous: “we have to do everything we can”

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Why issue a mandate now, when Biden previously promised there would be none? One word: Delta. It is more permeable and thus more dangerous. “The announcement made by the President includes a number of measures that will help us address the delta variant,” Murthy said, explaining the change of mind. In addition to vaccine mandates for some workers, “it also includes measures to increase our testing capacity, to shore up our hospitals and health systems that are still battling Delta.” “We have to use every lever of the government, and all of us in the private sector will have to do everything possible to combat this virus,” he said. He said of the mandate: “The data tell us that these requirements serve to increase vaccination.” And “a lot of businesses are really relieved that these are going into place. And we’ve heard a lot of feedback from the Business Round Table and others that it will help create safer workplaces…. That’s what we have to do with this pandemic.” To move to the next phase of the response so that we can recover from this and be back to normal forever.”


The Surgeon General Warns Delta Has Been a “Curveball”

Vaccination, coronavirus, covid-19 and vaccination concept of woman with face mask.

Vaccination, coronavirus, covid-19 and vaccination concept of woman with face mask.

Murthy said the recent mandate “is not the only set of aggressive actions we’ve taken. Administration—we’re working extraordinarily hard to get people vaccinated. We’ve made progress—200 million people have taken at least one.” Got the shot. The vaccine. And that’s one of the reasons we’ve actually saved so many lives. Now with Delta, that was a new twist, a turning point if you will, a new curveball, us another course of action The set needs to be taken…. That’s what we have to do eventually to deal with the delta version.”

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Surgeon general said he would monitor people using fake religious exemptions to opt out of vaccination

Teachers and children wearing face masks are returning to school after the Kovid-19 quarantine and lockdown.

Teachers and children wearing face masks are returning to school after the Kovid-19 quarantine and lockdown.

Bash asked Murthy if he feared people would claim religious exemptions to opt out of getting the vaccine. “It’s always a possibility,” Murthy said. “This is something that we have fortunately experienced as a country. We need vaccines for many other diseases. We do this in schools, for example, when you and I went to grade school, we Probably had to make sure and confirm that we actually had some vaccines before coming to school. Fortunately, as a country, we have experienced dealing with exemptions, but we have to be vigilant out there and make sure that People are using them in the sense that they are intending to, and are not abusing them or asking for waivers if they are not implemented. That is the main area we continue to monitor in the coming days and weeks “

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Surgeon General Says Why There’s No Vaccine Mandate for Travel (Yet)

Middle-aged couple at an airport during the coronavirus pandemic.

Middle-aged couple at an airport during the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden announced a doubling, says Murthy, of “fines for people who don’t follow some of those precautions, especially around masks on airplanes and other forms of transportation. The important thing for us to remember.” It’s that for travel to be safe, it requires all of us to play our part and vaccines certainly help in that regard.” So why not make them mandatory for travel? “Equity concerns,” Murthy said. “In order to make sure that people, for example, if they have to travel in an emergency to see a sick relative, they will be able to do so even if they haven’t been vaccinated, we have to There needs to be a safe way. It has to happen. So there are important considerations that we have to weigh.”

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how to be safe there

People with face masks back in office or school after lockdown

People with face masks in the office or at school after the lockdown

Follow basic public health principles and help end this pandemic, no matter where you live – get vaccinated as soon as possible; If you live in an area with a low vaccination rate, wear an N95 face maskAvoid travel To save life, don’t do this. don’t go to any of these 35 places you’re most likely to catch COVID.

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