This Arkansas Finance Coach Was Once $70K in Debt—These Walmart Bargain-Hunting Tips Helped Him Get Debt Free

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Brandi Childs knows how to rack up a dollar, which is why you’ll end up falling victim to clearance deals at Walmart. (Photo: Brandi Childs)

If you talked to Brandi Childs today, you’d probably never know she and her family were ever so deeply in debt. These days, Brandi is an Arkansas-based personal finance coach, but once—that is, as of 2015—she and her husband owed more than $70,000 in student loans, personal loans, credit card bills and more.

“It was all consumer debt, and it didn’t include our mortgage. We were preparing to put the kids in daycare. And we had our regular bills, too,” Brandi told Yahoo Life. “It made us bond so tight. And I was like, this is no way to live.”

Brandi and her husband decided that a strategic approach to spending was their best hope for breaking into debt. “I had a full-time job, and my husband had a full-time job. Our kids were young, so getting a second job was not an option for either of us,” Brandi said. “We thought, we should get our money. We have to find a way to push it a little bit further.”

So Brandi began budgeting. Then he started cutting coupons. This put him down the rabbit hole of discount shopping. Walmart quickly became her favorite for the best prices and most unbeatable clearance deals in town, thanks in large part to walmart app and Walmart+. His bargain-hunting skills intensified—and it paid off.

In May 2015 Brandi and her husband wiped out their 70k in consumer debt. “My Mother’s Day gift from my husband that year was that he paid off my last student loan,” she said, noting that the couple was still paying off their mortgage. he also started his own youtube channel. That’s where she gives the discount shopping tips that have helped get her on the right financial track.

Here are some of the strategies she follows while shopping at Walmart.

Ours . Shop for “hidden” clearance deals using walmart app

Walmart Clearance Shopping

The Walmart app lets you find the best clearance deals that don’t appear in stores. (Photo: Walmart)

Brandi is in the business of budgeting, which means the lowest discount she can get is the one she’ll buy, and every little thing counts. So she hunts for “hidden” clearance deals. All the while, Walmart shelves are full of items on extreme clearance—you can find things for less than a dollar—but they’re masquerading as full-price items.

The trick to finding these hidden clearance products? walmart app, which lets you scan every item you find, then it displays the actual price (it’s often much lower) in a Walmart store. You can also toggle between stores in your area to find the absolute best deal on that product. , because prices vary between stores.

“Of course, I always walked down the evacuation aisle and saw little yellow stickers on things,” Brandi said. Then he came to know the concept of Hidden Clearance. “I was like, let me go to Walmart and see. And of course, I went to Walmart, and I pulled out my phone, I had walmart app Went there and searched and found that all kinds of things were being sold.

Some of his most exciting scores? Simple necessities like a Reynolds wrap, which typically cost $3.50 each, but only cost 87 cents on hidden withdrawals. “It’s unheard of,” she said. And $3 boxes of Ziploc bags were on sale for only 94 cents. She also found a $28 backpack for her kids for only $5 each. It all adds up. In a single shopping trip for everyday items, brandy sometimes saves up to $200.

use your Walmart+ Membership for free delivery on groceries and fuel discounts

Walmart Plus Mobile Scan & Go offers free delivery and fuel discounts on groceries.  (Photo:

Walmart Plus Mobile Scan & Go offers free delivery and fuel discounts on groceries. (Photo:

a Walmart+ Membership A must-have for any Walmart buyer – or anyone who shops online, goes grocery shopping or drives a car. For only $12.95 per month or $98 per year (after that 15-day free trial), you get free delivery from your local Walmart store when you place an order on, the next day and two -Day shipping is free (no minimum required!). Walmart+ also gives you free shipping when you shop online.

You can sign up for our free 15-day trial Here.

a. one of the benefits of Walmart+ Membership Delivering groceries to your home for free (depending on your location). “Especially if you’re in smaller towns, like I am, many times the prices at our individual grocery store are much higher than what you’ll find at Walmart grocery,” Brandi said.

Another benefit is the fuel discount program. Walmart+, which gives you a potential discount of up to five cents per gallon of gasoline at Walmart and Murphy stations.

“I’m in southern Arkansas, and I live in a small town. And so I have to drive 15 minutes to get to one Walmart. And then another 30 minutes away. And then another 45 minutes away. So it’s not like we’re like Walmart on every corner,” Brandi said. The Walmart+ comes in clutch when you can’t get in the car and drive.

But when she uses her car to go to Walmart, Brandi makes sure to stop by Murphy to fill up the tank. “When I do my trips to Walmart, I’m also going to fill up my car when I go there, because gas is cheap,” Brandi said. a. Even before the five percent discount given through Walmart+ Membership “It is less than the gas stations we have here in the city. Last I looked, it was 15 cents cheaper in the city than Murphy’s.

Use Discount Apps When Shopping at Walmart

“I hate paying full price for anything. I’m always going to wait until I find a way to save some money on it,” Brandi said. Wait until I can use the coupon or it is on approval. Otherwise I would use a discount app with it. Once you’ve matched clearance shopping with discount apps, Walmart is one of my favorite places to shop.

Her Favorite Discount Apps for Her Walmart Shopping ibota and bring. “You can literally download the app today and go to Walmart and grab some great deals on groceries and household items. your prices are about to go down [at Walmart] Anyway, regardless.”

With discounted apps, Brandy already gets cash back on discounted purchases. And for Brandi, creating such frequent financial habits is life-changing—and not just because she’s no longer in the red.

“If we hadn’t gotten out of debt, I wouldn’t have been a financial coach,” she said. “So getting out of debt has given me some of the best opportunities in life.”

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