This beloved Italian dine-in chain plans to open 100 new locations

Pasta, Pizza, Chicken Wings, Breadsticks. . . And a big expansion. These are the things on the menu at the Italian-American chain Fazoli. Is a favorite dine-in and takeout place for families Break many records Since the onset of the epidemic and is set to take on another: adding the largest number of restaurants to its pipeline in a single year since its inception 33 years ago.

The chain embarked on a major growth trajectory in the last financial year, when it closed 20 new franchise deals to open 50 locations, according to QSR Magazine. This year, their plans are even more ambitious — adding 40 new franchisees that will add 100 new restaurants to their footprint of more than 200 locations. Some of those restaurants will open in areas new to the brand in Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania. Others will promote their presence in Arkansas, Alabama, California, Florida, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

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chain is loose Most successful Summer and fall in the history of the brand. For the seven straight months ending in December 2020, Fazoli saw double-digit monthly growth, with 560.7% in its delivery sales and 295.4% in its online order sales.

So did Fazoli stand apart as one of the most attractive takeout options for families during the epidemic? For one, the chain began offering $ 5 promotions and Super Family Meal Deals for under 5, where $ 19.99 gets you a pizza, a bucket of spaghetti and fettuccine alfredo, 16 breadsticks, and a gallon of tea or lemonade.

Wingville, Fazoli’s virtual brand, which launched in the fall, customers also had to come to the new chicken wing menu. like wings Explosion in popularityWingwill introduced crispy fried wings with a cornucopia of sauce. The new menu was available for digital ordering from all their company-owned restaurants until September and was later onboarded by the franchise as well. All of Fazoli’s locations currently offer it.

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