This Connecticut mom saves big bucks at Walmart using these 6 top-secret tricks

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Kallie Brancifort has some really juicy secrets about finding deals at Walmart and (Photo:

Kallie Branciforte likes two things: saving time and saving money. Don’t believe us? Visit his website – ‘but first coffee’ – And see for yourself. Callie, a wife and “boy mom” from Connecticut, is so infatuated with these two theories that she almost freezes 650,000 YouTube subscribers By sharing her smartest bargain-shopping strategies.

Walmart has long been one of Cali’s favorite discount destinations, she told Yahoo Life. But during the pandemic, she took a year off from in-store shopping. That’s how he discovered that deal-hunting – use it Walmart+ Membership and walmart app – They were so plentiful. Walmart quickly became his real bargain-buy.

We asked Kelly to share some of her top-secret discount-shopping tricks at Walmart. These six unique strategies prove that rules were made to be broken.

1. She shops online… at her local Walmart store.

Kallie uses the Walmart app to make sure she's getting the best discount.  (Photo:

Cali uses the Walmart app to make sure it’s getting the best discount. (Photo:

It may seem counterintuitive to drive to a brick-and-mortar Walmart only to whip out your smartphone and shop virtually, but make the most of money while stocking up on cleaning supplies, groceries, and other household essentials. This is what Callie does to save. “When I’m shopping at Walmart, I always shop from the app as well,” Kelly said.

Walmart’s free mobile app for iPhone and Android It has a built-in scanner that reveals each product’s in-store price, which is often much less than the sticker price. Its GPS feature also lets you toggle between nearby Walmart stores, so you can compare prices on the exact same merchandise to find out which branch has flagged it the most.

“Especially for big-ticket items, I’ll toggle off one or two close Walmarts, and I’m always checking,” Kalli said. She added that this kind of ‘showrooming’ technique is the key to maximizing your savings on clearance items. “You just type ‘clearance’ into’s search bar and it will give you all that on the site.” Will show something that is marked for clearance.Then switch on your app and find the nearest store with the best clearance prices on those items.

When Callie finds the lowest price on, however, she simply makes her purchases online and enjoys free delivery from one of her local Walmart stores. Walmart+ Membership. Next-day and two-day free shipping (no minimum required!) on all orders from is one of the best benefits of a Walmart+ account. You also get a fuel discount — 5 cents per gallon Petrol at Walmart and Murphy Stations – and free shipping on Groceries! Walmart+ membership is mandatory for any bargain buyer.

2. To achieve the biggest savings, she skips the obvious discounts and buys full retail.

For the fastest discount in the market?  Skip the rollback, Callie says.  (Photo:

For the fastest discount in the market? Skip the rollback, Callie says. (Photo:

Here’s a hot tip: A lot of clearance items are hidden in plain sight at Walmart stores, but their price tags haven’t been updated, so it looks like they’re still at full price. the callee uses walmart app Scan prices on any and all items to see which ones are on ‘Secret Clearance’ and where to find each one at its lowest current price, whether in store or online. (See how one knowledgeable shopper has made a career out of finding the secret $1 sale at Walmart.)

She also omits the obvious and huge discounts, like Walmart’s famous ‘rollback’ items. Why? He has big fish to fry. “There are not going to be rollbacks [as heavily discounted as] Hidden clearance items,” she said. “Obviously the rollback is what it is — you know, it’ll be a dollar discount everywhere, as advertised.”

Callie says that most of the time, sale-priced items are grouped together in the store, and the big discounts are right in front of your face. “If you look at the rollbacks, you can assume that there are probably even more discounts on things around those products. Take an extra 60 seconds to scan the other items next to Rollback and see if they’re a better price than advertised.

3. She loves to shop the trends of tomorrow.

Callie is a different kind of influencer. This blogger and social media maven isn’t necessarily here to showcase the season’s hottest items—she’s here to promote the biggest deal-hunting tips of the day, and that often means last year’s hottest vacuums. Have to shop for, the older version of the Instant Pot or the last generation of the tablet.

That’s because Callie knows the biggest discounts appear when Walmart is trying to clear out its inventory to make way for new merchandise. “If there’s only one or two of the product left, it could mean it’s discontinued or there’s a newer version, so I’ll take the time to do some quick scans.”

Even better, she can log in Walmart+ account and use it ‘Mobile Scan and Go’ feature, which lets him/her check out digitally—no contact required and no need to wait in line.

4. She does shopping only one week per month.

Not all clearance items at Walmart are marked for clearance.  (Photo:

Not all clearance items at Walmart are marked for clearance. (Photo:

Well Callie Doesn’t Actually Limit your Walmart visits to one week per month, but if it had to, it would be the first week of each month. That’s when he’s looking for the best possible deals.

“Try to plan your Walmart purchases in the first week of the month, because [that’s when you’re] The markdown is likely to be met before other people shop for things,” she said. It’s actually well known amongst dealers that the start of the month—especially the first five days—is when items are set for big markdowns. So if you prefer to get all your purchases done in one go and save a few changes in one go, mark your calendar!

5. She buys clothes without trying.

Whether or not her local Walmart actually has a dressing room – and especially when the dressing rooms were closed due to Covid – Kelli never tried on clothes before buying them. Why bother? Walmart’s return policy is just that convenient.

“You can actually initiate a refund for something you bought on the app,” Callie said. “And then when you go to the store, you literally just have to drop off an item that’s really good. Walmart makes returns super, super easy.”

Walmart’s official policy also lets you return items by home pickup, by mail or through the app. So if you see an item you want on sale, don’t think twice!

6. It favors Walmart over other retail giants for the best prices and convenience.

“I almost always find the best deal at Walmart. So now I automatically default to Walmart as opposed to going [another online retail mega-store],” claims Kalli. She simply feels that Walmart has an edge in many ways.

“Many people clearly love [other retailers] Because of the free, fast shipping, but Walmart offers free next-day and two-day shipping, and you don’t even have a subscription,” she says — although a wmart+ subscription There are a lot of perks and it only costs $12.95 per month.

“And I think the inventory is on Really, really great. I depended on the site a ton during the quarantine,” says Kalli. “And there is a lot of stuff in the store as well. You can shop online for items directly in the store and then pick up. And it’s free and fast. I have found that using the Walmart app is as good as using the Amazon one. The options are just as good, the shipping is just as good and you often get a better price. “

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