This Iconic, High-End Pizza Chain Is Expanding to These New Locations

Top-Quality Pizza Chain Grimaldi’s, which boasts a culinary reputation for authentic coal-fired, brick-oven pizza, has just signed its first domestic franchise that will accelerate its expansion into new U.S. territories. Thanks to the new agreement, one lucky Southern state can expect to enjoy its first taste of the world-famous New York-style pie later this year.

The iconic pizzeria currently operates 41 company-owned restaurants from coast to coast, but thanks to Power Brands Hospitality Group (PBHG), its first domestic operating partner, the chain will now expand to Alabama with two locations. According to QSR Magazine, PBHG will open its first location in Huntsville, followed shortly by a location in Birmingham.

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“Grimaldi is one of the most iconic New York-style pizzerias in the world and we are thrilled to be bringing the accomplished brand to Huntsville and Birmingham in the near future,” says Kumar Patel, PBHG Managing Partner. “Grimaldi’s focus is on providing guests with a superior dining experience that fits seamlessly into our existing restaurant portfolio and we are excited that we have reached this important milestone with all our partners, employees and stakeholders. Huh.”

The brand is renowned for its hand-crafted pizzas, calzones, antipasti, as well as salads and desserts. Its restaurants have open kitchen layouts, with a wood-burning oven as the centerpiece, providing a casual, family-friendly atmosphere for diners.

according to company WebsiteThanks to its coal-fired crust, all-fresh ingredients, handmade mozzarella, and signature sauce, Grimaldi’s is America’s most respected pizzeria. The chain has won the prestigious American Academy of Hospitality Sciences 5 Star Diamond Award for the past 4 years, thereby establishing its dominance in luxury hospitality.

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