This iconic Taco Bell location is closing after 54 years

With over 7,000 nationwide locations, Taco Bell is one of them Most comprehensive fast-food brand in the country. So when one of the Mexican chain’s locations closes, the news may not necessarily be noticeable. Not so with the recent closure of Taco Bell, which would put one of its oldest and most iconic restaurants out of business.

According to SFGATE.comOrange County’s oldest Taco Bell restaurant, located in Laguna Beach, closed last week after 54 years in business. Located at 669 South Coast Highway, it was the chain’s third-oldest location in the world and one of the last remaining stores, featuring the brand’s old original design with plaster arches and a tiled roof, meaning Spanish Mission House. as it was

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The outlet reported that the reason for the restaurant’s closure is the termination of its original lease which was declined for renovation by the landlord. Instead, the building will now house a separate Mexican joint—California-based chain restaurant Taco Stand.

Laguna Beach Taco Bell owner Steven Smith took over Facebook Expressed some frustration about the city’s refusal to acknowledge the value the chain brought to its middle-class residents, to thank its loyal customers for their business over the years, and to the city.

Smith wrote, “Hopefully someday when leadership changes in Laguna Beach government, the city will adopt national chains that bring value to the middle class citizens living in Laguna Beach, along with city workers and tourists, who have Requires valuable food.” “Taco Bell will be able to come back. Not everyone lives in million dollar homes like all current city councils don’t. Unfortunately their housekeepers, gardeners and other workers have to take lunch and dinner to others. Cities will need to spend money.”

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