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First Trans Athlete to Compete in the NCAA on Stopping Bills Banning Trans Kids from Sports

By the time Schuyler reached Baylor High School, he was one of the top 20 15-year-old breast strokers in the country. By 17, he set a national age-group record. His hard work paid off when he was accepted to join the Harvard swimming team in 2013. Balor was accepted into the women’s swim team, but after realizing that she was transgender, she probably missed her chance to compete in the sport. he loved. “I’m an athlete, and I’d lose the women’s team if I made the transition. But when it became more clear that I wanted to transition, that I wanted to go through the healing phases in my transition, that I wanted to go through her/his pronouns. So my coach Steph said, ‘What about the men’s team?'” Eventually, Balor decided to take the leap. And after a one-year hiatus, she became the first transgender athlete to compete in any sport on the NCAA Division 1 men’s team. Baylor, now 25, uses her social platform to raise awareness about trans issues. Currently, more than 30 state legislatures have drafted bills to ban trans girls and women from playing female athletics. Baylor believes these bills are detrimental to the health of trans children. “When I think about it I go to bed, in a sad way and kind of teary-eyed because a lot of trans kids don’t have the support of their parents, they don’t have the support of their teachers. happens, or their friends. So for the government to add on that, ‘Oh, by the way, you’re not even in the game,’ it’s a pretty big message to these kids that they don’t belong. Additionally, Baylor United States suggests visiting their website to learn more about 144 trans bills in the US that target access to sports and healthcare.

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