Transgender ex-WWE star Gabby Tuft says she faced ‘a huge fear of coming out’

Gabby Tuft faced a lot of fear coming out as transgender — and that’s why she’s been so open about her journey.

“I went through a lot of emotional trauma. I faced a massive fear of coming out,” the 42-year-old told Yahoo during a one-hour livestream during Pride Evolution. “My business, Body Spartan, is a 90 percent male demographic, and you used to think of me as the epitome of the ‘alpha male’ when I was male. So to go from one end of the spectrum to the gentle, delicate woman, I was so scared I was about to lose everything. “

More than anyone, Tuft feared the reaction of his loved ones, including his wife of nearly 20 years, Priscilla.

“My family, my wife, my daughter, my friends – [I thought] They were all about to reject me,” Tuft explains. “I had many, many dark nights where I thought about suicide, and I was very close to pulling the trigger at times.”

Tuft’s experience of struggling with mental health is not uncommon, especially for transgender individuals. According to Trevor Project, a national study found that 40 percent of transgender adults reported attempting suicide, with 25 percent of these individuals reporting a suicide attempt before the age of 25.

Fortunately, “the fans and family were completely supportive from the start,” said Tuft, “my wife loves me for who I am, and she is the same woman who loved me when I was a man. My wife loves me for who I am.” The daughter accepts me completely and she supports me.” But it is also that the way she feels about herself has profoundly changed, declaring that she has “never felt so free in my entire life” and her entire outlook on the world around her. has gone.

Now happy, healthy, and digitally describing her experience through the Gabby Transformation Project, Tuft wants to use her position as a leading figure in the transgender community to help others.

“Knowing what I went through, there are other people out there, whether you’re transgender, man or woman, or somewhere in between, I never want anyone to have to deal with that,” Tuft says. “We should live in a society where a transgender person should be celebrated rather than afraid to come out.”

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