Union: NLRB official recommends new vote for Amazon employees

A union that tried and failed to organize Amazon warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama may be getting a do-over

The union that tried — and failed — to organize Amazon warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama, may be getting a do-over.

The retail, wholesale and department store union said Monday that a hearing officer from the National Labor Relations Board has recommended that workers be voted on in April. denounce the union be set aside and another vote cast in its place. According to the union, the hearing officer determined that Amazon violated labor law.

Amazon countered in a statement that “our employees had the opportunity to be heard in noisy times when voices of all kinds were weighing on the national debate, and at the end of the day, they voted overwhelmingly in favor of a direct relationship with their . Managers and the company. Their voices should be heard above all, and we plan to appeal to ensure that.”

The NLRB, which could not be reached for comment, is yet to issue a final decision, which will usually come two or three weeks after the initial recommendation.

The RWDSU on Monday said it supports the initial recommendation of the hearing officer.

“Workers prepared an anti-union campaign designed by Amazon to intimidate and interfere with their choice of whether to form a union or not,” it said in a statement.

the union said In a filing in April That Amazon threatened to lay off workers and even close the warehouse if they unionised. It also said that Amazon fired a pro-union employee, but declined to name the person.

Several other allegations of association revolve around a mailbox that Amazon installed in the parking lot of a Bessemer, Alabama, warehouse. It said Mailbox falsely pretended that Amazon was holding elections, threatening workers to vote against the union. According to the retail union, security cameras in parking lots could record workers going to mailboxes, giving the impression that workers were being watched by the company and that their votes were not private.

The workers voted overwhelmingly against forming a union, with 1,798 rejecting it and 738 voting in favor. About 53% of the approximately 6,000 workers at the warehouse, a total of 3,117 votes, were cast.

The union push was the largest in Amazon’s history and only the second time that an organized effort from within the company had come to a vote. But Bessemer was always seen as a long shot as it pitted the nation’s second-largest employer against warehouse workers in a state that was not on the side of unions.


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