Vaccine holdouts embrace COVID antibody treatment, mystifying doctors

Lanson Jones, Houston.

Howard Huang, MD, pulmonologist, Houston Methodist Hospital.

Amesh Adalja, MD, emerging infectious disease specialist, Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security.

Terry Scoggin, CEO, Titus Regional Medical Center, Mount Pleasant, TX.

Frederick Thurmond, MD, hospitalist, Titus Regional Medical Center.

Seth Thurman, Mount Pleasant, TX. “Remarks by President Biden on Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

the new York Times: “See how vaccination is going in your county and state,” “They skipped the covid vaccines but adopted antibody treatment.”

CDC: “COVID-19 Vaccination in the United States.”

Infectious Diseases Society of America: “Immunomodulators.”

New England Journal of Medicine: “Subcutaneous REGEN-COV Antibody Combinations for Preventing COVID-19.”

scientific American: “Do Monoclonal Antibodies Help COVID Patients?” “Monoclonal Antibodies: Uses, Types, Side Effects, and COVID-19.”

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