Venus hotter than ever: Third new robotic explorer on the horizon

Venus is hotter than ever with third new robotic explorer on the horizon

Cape Canaveral, Fla. – Venus is hotter than ever with a third new robotic explorer on the horizon.

A week after NASA announced two new missions to our nearest neighbor, the European Space Agency said Thursday it will launch a spacecraft orbiting Venus in the early 2030s. Named EnVision, the orbiter will attempt to explain why Venus is so “wildly different” from Earth, even though the two planets are similar in size and composition.

NASA will provide EnVision’s radar.

NASA’s own pair of upcoming missions to the hottest planet in our solar system – called DaVinci Plus and Veritas – will be the first for the US in more than 30 years. They will explode sometime around 2028 to 2030.

“That’s a Venus hat-trick!” NASA’s top science chief Thomas Zurbuchen tweeted.

Europeans have visited recently, with their Venus Express hothouse in action around the planet as of 2014. Japan has made an orbit around Venus since 2015 to study the climate.

It’s a forbidden place: clouds of sulfuric acid in a dense carbon-dioxide atmosphere.

“A new era awaits us in the search for our closest, yet wildly different, neighbor of the Solar System,” said Günther Hasinger, science director for the European Space Agency, in a statement.


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