Walmart aims to empower workers with its devices, new app

Walmart is unveiling an app for the phones of its store employees that allows them to do a variety of tasks, from working digitally to locating merchandise and answering customer questions .

NEW YORK – Walmart is rolling out a new app for its store employees’ phones that will allow them to do a variety of tasks, from working digitally to helping them locate merchandise and answer customer questions. allows.

It also has a push-to-talk feature that lets them communicate directly with colleagues.

The moves, announced Thursday, come as Walmart and other rivals aim to free store employees from monthly tasks in order to better serve customers. The new features go beyond Walmart’s previous suite of apps, allowing workers to check inventory and prices, scan products, and review sales data.

Over the next few months, the new app will help employees speed up the time it takes to get items from the backroom to the sales floor to their stockers. Using the augmented reality feature, workers will be able to highlight boxes as they are ready to go, instead of scanning each box individually.

The idea for the app began as a way to manage workers’ schedules and expanded into a single store app for US workers, the company said. Arkansas-based retailer Bentonville said it conducted a preliminary test with the new smartphone earlier this year and the response was good.

Until now, the majority of Walmart store employees had to share a company’s handheld devices, with only 10% of them having their own company device, Haller said. But Walmart allowed employees to download the Work app directly to personal phones and use it at work.

Walmart says employees will be able to access the app’s work features around the clock. But employees can also use the smartphone as their personal device if they wish. Holler said Walmart would not have access to any personal data.


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