Want to go to Hawaii? Be ready.

“It’s a 13-hour journey, so they have a captive audience for so long and still not make up for what you get when you land,” she said. “It was a catastrophe at the airport.”

He said that the people were divided into different lines: one for the inhabitants; Another for visitors, which then split into separate lines for vaccinated travelers and non-vaccinated travelers. She noticed that many passengers had not completed parts of the onboarding process that must be done before boarding the flight: answering a questionnaire about their health in the 24-hour period prior to the flight or visiting a safe travel site. Uploading your exam results. He said that stopping the line while completing those phases caused delays for all.

Ms Flagg said the allegation of checking passengers’ credentials irritated and irked passengers.

For those who make it out of the airport, there is still a chance of being quarantined.

Milwaukee-based health psychologist Betsy Blair took a flight with his wife this month. The couple prepared their documents, received a negative test from a state-approved testing provider, and left for Hawaii. They flew to Kona on the Big Island without any trouble, then moved to Maui for a few nights and then back to the Big Island. Ms Blair said she repeatedly asked people at her hotel in Maui whether she and her wife would need a test to return to the Big Island, but were told they would not.

“Between scouring the website and asking people we thought we might know the rules, we were shaken,” she said. He was immediately quarantined, although he was allowed to sit outside on his Airbnb. Making matters worse, his car rental was immediately canceled as information on quarantine and reservations is linked in the state’s Safe Travel app.

Hawaii’s rental car fleet declined by more than 40 percent during the pandemic as many car companies sold their cars, the state tourism authority said. Janice Berman, who recently traveled to Maui, said she found it worth $3,000 to rent a car for 12 days.

Ride shares also cost a lot with services including Uber and Lyft. The tourism authority is urging travelers to use other means of transportation to navigate the islands.

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