DATE APRIL 19 2023

Top 10 Civil  Engineer  in United State


Known for his work in failure analysis, bridge engineering, and the history of engineering.

Henry Petroski

The 31st President of the United States, who was also a civil engineer and worked on various engineering projects throughout his career.

Herbert Hoover 

Known for designing the Brooklyn Bridge and other suspension bridges.

John A. Roebling

An American civil engineer who helped oversee the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Emily Warren Roebling

Armstrong - A civil engineer who helped design and construct many notable bridges and tunnels, including the Holland Tunnel.

Ellis L

A structural engineer who is known for his work in the development of wind engineering and earthquake engineering.

James E. Roberts

A civil engineer who has been recognized for her work in water resources management and environmental engineering.

Laurie D. Gliniewicz

A structural engineer who is known for his innovative designs of skyscrapers, including the Willis Tower in Chicago.

Fazlur Khan

A prominent architect and civil engineer who helped design many notable buildings, including the National Air and Space Museum.

Gyo Obata