DATE APRIL 18 2023

10 Coolest Summer Holiday Destination in United States


Known for its iPhone line of smartphones and iOS operating system, Apple is the top mobile brand in the US.


Another popular mobile brand in the US, Samsung offers a wide range of smartphones and other mobile devices


LG is a popular mobile brand in the US, offering a range of smartphones with unique features like dual screens and stylus support.


Motorola is known for its Moto line of smartphones, which offer great value for the price. Its devices often feature near-stock Android software.


Google offers its own line of smartphones called Pixel, which feature a pure Android experience and excellent camera performance.


OnePlus is a relatively new player in the US market but has quickly gained popularity among tech enthusiasts for its high-quality devices and affordable prices.


TCL is a Chinese brand that has entered the US market with affordable smartphones that offer good performance and features for the price.


Alcatel is a French brand that offers a range of budget-friendly smartphones with decent features and performance.


Nokia is a well-known brand in the mobile phone industry and has recently entered the US market with a range of affordable smartphones.


ASUS is primarily known for its laptops and computer hardware, but it also offers a line of smartphones that are popular among tech enthusiasts.