DATE APRIL 19 2023

top 10 movies of Jonathan Majors’in United states


In this Spike Lee joint, Majors plays David, the son of one of four Vietnam veterans

Da 5 Bloods (2020)

 In this indie drama, Majors plays Montgomery, a playwright and best friend to Jimmie

The Last Black Man in San Francisco

In this Netflix western, Majors plays Nat Love, a skilled outlaw who sets out to take down his former mentor

The Harder They Fall

In this crime drama, Majors plays Johnny "Lil Man" Curry, a Detroit drug lord who becomes a key player in the downfall of a teenage FBI informant.

White Boy Rick

In this sci-fi thriller, Majors plays Rafe Drummond, a rebellious young man who joins forces with a group

Captive State

In this miniseries about the gay rights movement, Majors plays Ken Jones, a Vietnam veteran and activist who fights for LGBT rights.

When We Rise

In this crime drama, Majors plays Zora, a troubled young man who becomes embroiled in the investigation of a murdered astrophysicist.

Out of Blue

In this gritty drama, Majors plays Jesse, a homeless man who befriends a trio of troubled teenagers in Los Angeles.


In this Western drama, Majors plays Corporal Henry Woodson, a Buffalo Soldier who joins a group of soldiers tasked


In this political thriller, Majors plays Treat Morrison, a mysterious government operative

The Last Thing He Wanted