What are the new widgets for your iPhone in iOS 16

Written By: The Viral Live

iOS 16, Apple's most recent working framework update for iPhones, adds some cool usefulness like unsending messages or naturally eliminating objects from photographs,

With the new iPhone lock screen, you can change the foundation, change tones and textual styles and add new gadgets that stay on your screen

Two sorts of gadgets - - round and rectangular - - sit beneath the showed time, while a third kind - - inline - - shows up as a bar over the clock.

You can add worked in Apple gadgets from applications like Climate, Schedule or News, 

Look at probably the coolest applications with gadgets for the new iPhone lock screen with iOS 16 beneath. For additional on iOS 16,

 here are the primary activities after you make ready and why your iPhone might not have each of the cool iOS 16 elements.