What is the case for COVID-19 vaccine ‘success’?

A small number of COVID-19 “breakthrough” cases are expected after vaccination, and health officials say they are not cause for alarm

What is the case for COVID-19 vaccine “success”

This is when a fully vaccinated person becomes infected with the coronavirus. A small number of such cases are expected and health officials say they are no cause for alarm.

COVID-19 vaccines work by teaching the body to recognize the virus. So if you are exposed to it after vaccination, your immune system needs to be activated and ready to fight it.

In studies, two-dose COVID-19 vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna were about 95% effective in preventing the disease, while the one-shot Johnson & Johnson shot was 72% effective, although direct comparisons are difficult. So while vaccines are great at protecting us from viruses, it is still possible to get infected To be mild or without any symptoms, or even to be sick.

If you do get sick despite being vaccinated, experts say vaccination is very good at reducing the severity of the illness—the main reason for vaccination.

Dr William Moss, a vaccine specialist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, said most people with breakthrough infections experience mild illness.

In America, people who was not vaccinated Compensating for nearly all hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19.

It is difficult to determine why any particular success case occurs. How much of the virus you’re exposed to could be a factor, Moss said. our person Defence system It will also affect how well we respond to shots. Some people, for example, have health conditions or take medications that can make their immune systems less responsive to vaccines.

People could also have been exposed to the virus before the shots took full effect. Although less likely, they may have found a dose that was improperly stored or administered, Moss said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes variants may be a factor in some success cases, although the evidence so far suggests that vaccines used in the US are protective against them.

Health officials are also watching for signs that breakthrough cases are on the rise, which could indicate that protection from vaccines is fading and boosters are needed.


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