WHO gives emergency approval to second Chinese COVID vaccine

The World Health Organization has issued an emergency use list for the COVID-19 vaccine made by Sinovac in adults 18 years of age and older.

GENEVA – The World Health Organization has issued an emergency use list for a COVID-19 vaccine made by Sinovac for adults aged 18 and older, the second authorization it has given to a Chinese company.

“Nevertheless, WHO is not recommending an upper age limit for the vaccine,” the agency said, adding that data collected from the use of Sinovac in other countries suggests that the vaccine may have protective effects in older individuals. There is a possibility.

In April, a study published by a team of scientists in Brazil confirmed a previously reported efficacy rate of over 50% for Sinovac. A real-world study in Chile in April found an efficacy rate of 67%.

WHO’s authorization means the vaccine can be purchased by donors and other UN agencies for use in poor countries, including the UN-backed initiative to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine globally as COVAX. Efforts have slowed after its largest supplier in India said it would no longer be able to provide any more vaccines until the end of the year due to the latest surge of new infections in India.

To date, there is no firm deal with COVAX for Sinovac dosage.

In May, Europe’s drug regulator began an accelerated review process for the Sinovac vaccine, but it is unclear when a decision could be made about its potential authorization for the 27-nation bloc.

Millions of Chinese vaccines have already been distributed to dozens of countries around the world through bilateral deals, as many countries scramble to secure supplies, as wealthy countries reserved large amounts of supplies from Western drug manufacturers .

While China has five vaccine shots in use, most of its exports abroad come from two companies: Sinopharma and Sinovac. Chinese vaccines are “inactivated” vaccines made from killed coronaviruses.

Most of the other COVID-19 vaccines being used around the world, especially in the West, are made with new technologies that instead target the “spike” proteins that coat the surface of the coronavirus.


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WHO gives emergency approval to second Chinese COVID vaccine

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