Who knew you could get a 3-in-1 wireless charging station on Amazon for just $17?

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Free yourself from the tyranny of charging cables. Inqualab Zindabad! (Photo: Amazon)

Tired of playing with cords just to juice up your phone? You need a wireless charger. It’s a serious life-changer, the ultimate “set it and forget it” way to charge your phone, earbuds, watch, just about anything. Hitch? It usually isn’t cheap, so it ends up causing purchases that you put off for another day.

So friends today is that day. NS hosaud wireless charging station Amazon is a winner according to nearly 2,000 buyers, who rated it an outright five stars. It’s big enough to hold three devices—and costs just $17 with Amazon’s on-page coupon.

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buy it: Hosaud Wireless Charging Station, $17 with on-page coupon, Amazon.Com

Wirelessly charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple AirPods at the same time with just one charging station.  (Photo: Amazon)

Apple disciples now have a happy home base to rev up their iPhones, Watches, and Airpods. (Photo: Amazon)

three-in-one charging

NS hosaud wireless charging station Ideal for wirelessly charging an iPhone, Apple Watch, and a pair of AirPods (with a wireless charging case) at the same time. It has a special stand to hold your Apple Watch upright even while charging.

It works well with almost any Android phone or charging case that is Qi-compatible. So if you have a new-ish phone (Apple iPhone 8 and up; Samsung Galaxy S6 and up) chances are you’ll be able to juice it up with this handy device. (Not sure? check this website To see.)

“This set does a great job at both charging and keeping your life and devices organized,” dodged a five-star reviewer. “…for those of you who have Apple hooks, like me, you can’t go wrong with this set. It’s a sleek look on the tabletop or even on my bedside, and it’s a sleek box. So it would be a nice gift.”

NS Hosaud Wireless Charging Station It has overheat protection and auto shutoff, so it won’t fry your device — even if you leave it on for a long time. A clutter-busting charger for just 17 bucks? You really can’t go wrong.

buy it: Hosaud Wireless Charging Station, $17 with on-page coupon, Amazon.Com

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