WHO official denies lying to Italy prosecutors over report

WHO’s Special Advisor Drs. Ranieri Guerra outlined his position in a 40-page response with a 495-page annex, to prosecutors who allegedly made false statements against him last month when he was questioned on November 9. 5.

Prosecutors’ claims create a picture “that is vastly different from the reality of facts and, above all, impenetrable and does not follow the reconstruction of events provided by Dr. Guerra,” Guerra’s response signed by Rome-based he said. Lawyer, Roberto De Vita.

Prosecutors are investigating the death of the giant COVID-19 in the Lombardy province of Bergamo, which was the most difficult at a time when Italy became the epicenter of the epidemic in Europe last year. His investigation initially focused on whether the delayed lockdown at Bergamo contributed to the toll, but it expanded to include whether Italy’s overall preparedness was in jeopardy.

The ensuing scandal revealed that Italy’s epidemiological plan had not been updated since 2006, and the disappearance of the report suggested that the WHO had implemented it to prevent criticism and potential liability from the Italian government. The WHO stated that it was removed because it contained inaccuracies and it was published ahead of time.

Guerra, who was serving as a WHO liaison with the Italian government during the crisis, was not charged. But he was the report’s coordinator, Dr. After Francesco Zamban became embroiled in the scandal, he alleged that he was pushing to change the data in the report to find that the epidemic plan had not been “updated” in 2016-2017.

Bergamo prosecutors have said the plan of preparations should be updated during Guerra’s 2014-2017 tenure as head of prevention at the Italian Ministry of Health to reflect new international guidance from the WHO and the European Commission in 2009 and 2013 Was.

In the new document, Guerra argued the WHO guidelines were not mandatory and the EU’s guidance was primarily about coordination with other states, not about internal epidemic plans.

Guerra also mentioned that before leaving the ministry to join the WHO in 2017, he warned the then minister, saying that Italy needed a plan to prepare for a new epidemic. As a result, his response stated, prosecutors should “verify that the action initiated by Dr. Guerra in September 2017 was followed, which then succeeded.”

Guerra also said he had nothing to do with the decision to pursue the report and that the original impetus came from the WHO’s Beijing office, which objected to the China-origin politically sensitive timeline of COVID-19.

“Please pull the document from the web immediately. Consider this, “WHO’s China representative, Gauden Galia, wrote to Zambon and others in an email to Ambex on 14 May. “This document is incorrect and one contradicts the headquarters timeline in two places.”

Zambon has admitted that they removed the report from the web due to China’s inaccuracy, corrected it and republished the report. But WHO never put it back on the website.

Bergamo prosecutors on 8 March outlined their charges against Gugra for the Italian Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs, seeking their assistance in moving specific questions to the WHO as part of the investigation.

“Finally, I went to Tedros and the document was removed,” Guerra wrote to Bruceferro on May 14, 2020, to WHO Director General, Tedros Adnom Ghebaius.

In his response to prosecutors, Guerra questioned the authenticity of the partial WhatsApp chat and said he lacked the necessary context to understand it. Regardless, he said, the material “has no relevance in relation to the declared investigation.”

The WHO’s press office has denied that Tedros was involved in advancing the report and insisted that it was taken on the basis of “inaccuracies and inconsistencies” in the text, stating that all approvals were approved. Was not given

Guerra’s lawyer, De Vita, said in an interview that Guerra had been greatly harmed by months of controversy over the report and is now embarrassed to find himself under investigation, when he independently went to contribute to the prosecution Were what he knew as a scientist and civil servant. .

“, As others probably could, he availed himself of functional diplomatic immunity,” De Vita said of Guerra’s status as a UN official. “If he had anything to hide, even from afar” he would never have gone.


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