Windows is no big deal. that’s huge.

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I was surprised to stumble News That Microsoft is releasing a new version of Windows in just a few weeks. I didn’t know, and it’s my job to know stuff like that.

Not too long ago, a new model of Windows software was having a marquee tech moment. Now, the start of Windows is basically a non-event. This suggests that technology evolved out of a succession of moments from the Big Bang, which have become so ingrained in our lives that we often don’t notice it.

The bottom line is that a lot of technology has become no big deal. And this is a big deal.

The last version of Windows as we knew it was arguably released in 2012. I was a reporter at The Wall Street Journal at the time, and my professional life that year was dominated by the unveiling of Windows 8 – anticipation, strategy involved. This, and its final welcome.

But that was basically the end of an era. Since then new releases of Windows have become progressively less prominent. One important reason is that personal computers are no longer the center of our digital lives. A new iPhone model gets a lot of attention – though it shouldn’t get that much – but a refresher for windows doesn’t.

Still, smartphone dominance is an inadequate explanation. Beginning around 2015, Windows began to regularly tweak under the hood — like Netflix, Facebook, and every app on your smartphone, as well as the software that runs the phone.

In other words, Windows just changes in dribs and dribs all the time without most people noticing. Instead of waiting for years to get a new computer, we are effectively getting a new PC with each change. new version of windows Will remodel the look of the software and improve features such as rearranging apps. But since Microsoft revises Windows constantly, new versions of the software matter less to most people.

This change to Windows was part of a notable change at Microsoft. The company’s obsession with Windows threatened to relegate Microsoft to technical irrelevance. then microsoft appointed a new chief executive In 2014, and suddenly the beating heart of the Windows company was no more. This shows how much institutions can change.

But more than that, a Windows launch turns from a big thing into something a professional tech writer hasn’t seen, showing what the technology has become. It’s no longer strictly the shiny new item that comes out of a box every once in a while. Technology is all around us all the time, and it’s completely normal.

My colleagues and I write a lot about the downside of technology’s impact on our minds, our towns, and the world, but I also don’t want to forget about WoW.

I remember the first time I tapped the Uber app and a car came to my door, I felt magic. On my last big pandemic holiday, I decided to change my travel plans momentarily and booked a room at a bed and breakfast while standing on the side of a hiking trail in northern England. Plus, like many of you, I’ve worked from home since March 2020, and it would have been much more difficult to do so when Windows 8 was released.

We get a new version of Windows and Netflix all the time. We take a lot of this stuff and it makes sense. But it’s worth stopping occasionally to appreciate the surprise.

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are here four pygmy marmosets munching on peas. (The one on the left is the dirtiest eater and therefore the best.)

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