‘Your best is good enough’: How to stop negative self-talk and calm your inner critic

Yahoo Life Challenge: Stop Doing It! Is about helping you to stop unhealthy behavior and start prioritizing your own care. Follow along with us as Danielle LaPorte shares how to change your outlook for the better and work on creating healthy habits every day this week. This is the second day of the 5-day stop Doing It! the challenge.

We all have that harsh inner critic in our head – the one who doubts our abilities, judges us Dead body And the achievements, or the question whether we are good enough. social media This fire has only added fuel, making it even easier to compare yourself to others and feel as if you are somehow falling short when you assess your real life against someone else’s highlight reels. .

If you have a habit of saying negative things about yourself and about yourself, then you are not alone. This is called negative self-talk – and it can overshadow your mental health and outlook. But instead there is a way to convert it to positive thinking.

Writer and motivational speaker “I have some great ideas about some specific things that you can stop doing immediately so that you can have more ease and well-being and happiness in your life.” Daniel LaPorte, Which is a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100 And takes care of everything from love to healing and spirituality Sounds true, Tells Yahoo Life.

On Day 1 of the 5-Day Yahoo Life Challenge: Stop Doing It! LaPorte offered tips to say no gracefully rather than overcommit yourself in an effort to please others. Day 2 faced How to stop complaining And instead focus on gratitude.

On the third day of the Yahoo Life Challenge: Stop doing it! Danielle Laporte suggests how to prevent negative self-talk. (Photo: Tom Casey)

For day 3 Yahoo Life Challenge: Stop Doing It! It is about silencing that harsh inner critic. “We’re talking about how you talk to yourself,” Laporte says. “More specifically, we’re going to stop with [the] Critical self-talk. “

LaPorte explains that self-talk is that negative voice in your head that says, “‘I need to be further away.’ ‘I can’t fix it.’ ‘I am not where I should be in life.’ You know this internal dialogue. And sometimes we find this internal motivational coach who is just yelling at us. And what would actually be more ideal is to talk to ourselves as if we were someone To a friend we love. “

So how can you prevent negative self-talk in its tracks? “When you catch yourself in that important idea, you have to immediately replace it with an encouraging thought. I’m probably in my kitchen. I can hear myself saying, ‘I’m not good enough at it. I’m so far behind. ‘ And what I need to do is race right with an encouraging thought, something like, ‘I’m doing my best and my best is quite good’. “

LaPorte continues: “You are doing your best and your best is quite good. You have to hold it and you have to change it. What we are doing here is we are building a new muscle. It is called our own muscle. – Respect. “

Here’s the call to action for today: LaPorte suggests asking yourself, “What’s the opposite of criticism? Encouragement. So you’re going to create three loving ideas for yourself.” To do this, LaPorte recommends following some quick guidelines: “You have to feel it in your heart when you say it,” LaPorte says. “It should be encouraging and when you say it to yourself you have to believe it. You’ve got it.”

Video produced by Stacey Jackman.

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